Users of 3D printers are looking for the same thing, no matter the machine they’re stuck with. They are looking for efficiency and precision as regards their print. This is the reason why most people invest in good printers or make modifications to their average-performing machines.

If you’re interested in buying the Epax X1 UV LCD Resin 3D printer, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re already making use of the Epax printer and wanted to learn more about its usage, we’ve also got you covered as well.

We are going to be delivering a comprehensive review of the Epa X1 3D printer, highlighting its various specifications and features. We will also inform you of the pros and cons of using this 3D printer.


But first things first

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A Brief Background To The Epax X1 3D Printer

The Epax X1 3D printer is an impressive budget-friendly printer that makes use of resin filament. This differentiates the printer from popular printers that utilize thread-like filaments to print objects.

Resin filaments are liquid polymers. So, instead of melting like the typical filaments to form printer objects, this filament becomes solid as soon as it comes in contact with the UV laser. This process of printing is known as stereolithography and has been around before 2009 when the first commercial 3D printer was launched.

The X1 is part of the two 3D resin printers made by Epax 3D. It would surprise you to note that another resin printer has been designed for the dental industry.

This stereolithographic resin printer has been designed to print objects flawlessly and smooth in operation.

Features of the Epax X1 3D Printer

The Epax X1 3D printer comes with a truckload of features we will be looking into one by one. Let’s check them out:

2K LCD Mask

This printer comes with a 2K 2560 x 1440 LCD display screen masking the emitting UV light source. It offers an X/Y resolution of 47 microns. This places the Epax X1 amongst some of the best LCD-based resin printers.

50 LED Matrix Light Source

The Epax X1 printers powers a 50W light source, an impressive feature that most mid-range printers don’t have. However, in order to extend the durability of the LCD mask screen, it was reduced to 40W.

3.5-inch Color Touch Screen

This printer features a 3.5-inch colored touchscreen display for all the navigation and controls. The display is user-friendly, making it much easier to find the settings you want to use.

Non-FEP Film

This printer comes with a pre-installed non-FEP film. This is way better and superior to the conventional FEP film, as it makes for smoother detachment. It also has a lower risk of being stuck to the screen and screwing up your prints. The resin vat features an in-built rubber seal, making it leakproof.

If you have an unusual attachment to the typical FEP films, you can also use it on the printer.

Upgraded Z-Axis Carriage Rail

The Epax X1 printer comes with an upgraded Z-axis carriage rail. This means you’re not going to have issues due to wobbling. This carriage rain is double-steel rod-reinforced and includes a wide shaft guide and steel bearings.

Wide Range of Resins

A lot of people aren’t aware that the Epax X1 isn’t limited to the Esun resins. Epax has made available a wide assortment of resins to be used on the printer. Some of them include PLA Bio-resin, General Hard Resin, castable resin, dental resins.

Anti-Aliasing Support

The Epax X1 printer comes with anti-aliasing support which makes for print enhancement and quality. This support makes good use of predictive programming to smooth out blurred pixels and low-res images. What you get is a printed object that can be compared to prints from high-end printers.

This feature comes pre-installed in the machine and embedded in the firmware.


Due to its impressive design, you can place the printer against a wall. The opening is located at the front with a lid that opens upwards. This design permits for easy removal of print and cleaning of the box before or after every print.

Swift Setup

The Epax X1 3D printer is fully assembled. This means you won’t have to spend time setting it up before printing. However, included in the packaging is a guidance manual for you to read up on some info you may need.

You can also check tutorial videos on YouTube to better equip yourself with its operation.

Customer Service

Epax, as a manufacturer, has provided all the external supports you need while making use of the printer. There’s customer service available to handle your questions, provide support, typically within hours.

A lot of users of this printer have affirmed this in the course of running into a problem while using the printer.

There are also Facebook and Reddit pages dedicated to discussions pertaining to this printer. You can learn a thing or two on those platforms.

Technical Specifications

Print size: 115 mm x 65 mm x 155 mm

XY resolution: 0.047 mm

Tech: LCD

Print material: Resin

Printer mainframe control: Touchscreen

Connectivity: SD Card

Operating Software: ChiTu Box

Camera: No

Layer print time: 7 seconds

Printer weight: ± 10 kgs.

Unboxing The Epax X1 3D Printer

When you order an Epax X1 3D printer, you’d be impressed that it comes in simple packaging. You can take out the machine from the packaging and start print immediately if you’ve got resin available.

Inside the packaging, you’d find a couple of accessories that you will need as you begin printing. Some of these accessories include:

       Two resin filters

       One power adapter

       One shovel

       One non-FEP film

       A USB stick loaded with a guidance and setup manual in PDF version.

       A sample print file\

       Config file for the ChiTuBox operating software

You will find these items inside the packaging, so you won’t need to purchase them.

Epax X1 Setup

The Epax X1 3D printer is one of the best user-friendly printers available on the market. It is quite easy to install and set up. This is largely due to its pre-leveled print platform. Many mid-range 3D printers aren’t pre-leveled. This means you’d have to spend a lot of time manually leveling the print bed. And if you’re a novice, you’re going to spend a lot of time making it possible. With the Epax printer, you won’t have to waste time setting it up.

Also, the Z-axis is expertly designed to eliminate movement during operation. You won’t need to exhaust your energy to re-calibrate your printer before starting another print.

Another impressive observation is that loading the resin to the printer is quite easy to pull off. However, you should exercise a little care when doing so, as it would prevent making a huge mess on the machine.

The machine features anti-leak support, so you can rest assured that your work table will not be ruined with resin.

Using the Epax X1

When it comes to usage, the Epax X1 3D printer doesn’t pose a problem for the average user. Even if you’re a novice, you can make use of this printer efficiently. The 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen is fully functional and can be accessed from both sides of the printer.

The printer runs on the ChiTuBox operating system. This is an impressive OS that you’d enjoy using in no time. The config file of the OS is located in the provided USB stick. All you have to do is power the printer, insert the USB stick and set it up.

Installation typically takes minutes to process.

Because of its non-FEP film, you won’t have to experience difficulty while removing the printed object. The anti-leak feature makes it an impressive resin printer.

More noticeable is the fact that this printer generates noise. However, when you compare it to other mid-range printers, the noise level is considerably better.

Print Quality of the Epax X1 3D Printer

While the Epax X1 comes with low layer height, it isn’t sacrificed for its impressive print quality. This printer features a Z resolution of 0.01 mm with an X resolution of 0.047. This makes for exceptional precision with objects, and better than other printers within the same price range.

With the z-axis mechanisms fully designed, you won’t have to worry about any wobbling and any sudden movements during operation. The build plate makes sure of that.

This resin printer offers better prints due to its lowered layer height and impressive hardware. Together, these features work to foster high-quality prints.

Epax X1 Resin 3D Printer Pros

There’s a lot to love about the Epax X1 printer. Some of them include:

       The printer comes in a solid design, with flat, smooth edges. The insides of the machine are also well-protected for full functionality.

       Included in the packaging is a non-FEP film that sticks to the screen and won’t damage your print.

       The clamshell lid is designed in such a way that it makes room for build retrieval. It is also easy to open.

       Due to the ease of access and evidently large working area, maintenance work will be very efficient.

       The machine is already pre-assembled and automated. You can set up and start printing immediately.

       The anti-aliasing mode allows it to adjust stray pixels and better low res, making your printed object look even better than imagined.

       Features a 50W LED light source, trimmed down to 40W to protect the LCD mask screen.

       The printer is designed to handle a wide range of resins for creativity and versatility.

       Customer support is impressive.

Epax X1 3D Printer Cons

While we continue to laud the Epax X1 3D printer for its impressive features, it comes with a handful of limitations we shall be discussing below:

       The provided warranty is relatively shorter than the standard warranty.

       Resin isn’t included in the packaging. You’d have to purchase them differently. Even though the printer looks ready to print, you must buy resin separately.

       If you’re a beginner in 3D printing, the Epax X1 shouldn’t be your first printer to work with. Resin printing can often prove disruptive when one isn’t careful.

       The printer can make a lot of noise.

The Epax X1 LCD 3D resin printer pulls a lot of impressive features for its price. The settings are already pre-loaded and the build pre-assembled. However, you can learn to tweak everything to your style as you procee