The art of manufacturing in the world of automobiles is very complicated. The production of a vehicle stems from the combination of over a thousand parts and for diverse reasons. And as time goes by, some parts of this vehicle will require a replacement. Providing this replacement has never been easier than it has now gotten thanks to the new personalized, low-quantity production technology(3D Printing).

Thanks to the 3D printing process, you can even print these car parts from the comfort of your home. You still get to retain a standard quality, without spending much and at a swift pace. It must be nice to have some relief injected into this industry at last, isn’t it?

Generally, these car parts you can produce using the 3D printing/additive manufacturing process do not include parts subject to considerable load, heat, or pressure. Parts in that category are products of designated industrial procedures. So, it would not be appropriate to produce them at home using a 3D printer. Nevertheless, you can still print 3D printed parts as substitutes for non-essential parts like knobs, cup holders, clips, and the likes.

Here in this text, we will not only be justifying the possibility of comfortable and swiftly producing top-quality, yet, economical car parts using the 3D printing technology. We will likewise, and more importantly reveal to you some of the most reliable and credible authorities where you can get terrific models for the printing of your 3D printed car parts.


We have recognized how difficult it can be to find car parts that are printable (models). Thankfully, you have our team of researchers to thank for helping out in that regard. Furthermore, we streamlined the list to only feature the top players alone, excluding sources with only a small selection of these models from the list.

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Materials Required For Printing 3D Printed Car Parts

To successfully print these different non-essential car parts, several components are required. In this section, we will provide you with a list of all of these components.

  • Plastics (SLS, FDM, and SLA)
  • Polylactic Acid (PLA)
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) filaments
  • Polycarbonate Materials
  • Polyamides
  • Polypropylene
  • Metal
  •  Carbon And Glass Fiber Composites

But, majorly, two components contribute to the core of a 3D printing process. They include:

  • 3D Printable Models
  • Desktop FDM 3D Printer

The materials listed earlier are then used as ingredients for the efficiency of these two major components. In this text, as we mentioned earlier, we will be assisting you in the search for the models you need to produce these 3D printed car parts. Follow through!

Top Three Sources For 3D Printed Car Parts

If you love to 3D print different non-essential parts of your car, but you are concerned that the quality might not be as excellent or that it would cost you so much, then, you are at the right place. With the help of a 3D printing service, you are now being assured of not just manufacturing expertise but also the chance to choose from a rich assortment of various finishes and materials. Read through our list of the best sources you can rely upon to easily and economically print your needed car parts at top quality.

1.      MyMiniFactory: Where There Is A Part for Everyone



We can say with confidence that MyMiniFactory is most relied-upon site for outstanding 3D models all over the world. Why is that so? Well, when you have a website that plays host to over a hundred of thousands of printable models with the help of 3D printing technology, a lot has been settled already. This platform has a unique way of furnishing 3D designers with enough resources. These resources stimulate these designers to circulate their 3D models, thereby allowing more people to make use of these models for their personal 3D printing projects.

As you would have foreseen to be the case in one of the most prominent hubs for the most outstanding 3D model collections, there is a wide range of 3D printable car parts to make your choice from. Without doubts, we can say that finding yourself a preferred and suitable 3D model on this site is very easy. Thanks to a coordinated distribution into various defined sections, you can effortlessly and quickly locate a page for your needed 3D printable car parts with just a few clicks.

We have not failed to mention in the introductory part of this text how well it is possible to produce all of models 3D printable models from the comfort of your home. All you need is a desktop FDM 3D printer and the models that you can get easily from their website.

And as regards these models, you can find every kind of car parts right there. If you need cup holders, even in different designs, you will get them. There are similarly various designs of simple attachments as well as other useful car parts that will certainly come in handy. For instance, check out their amazing sliding door spare part for the Opel Vivaro van. This part is a simple piece that can easily be duplicated and still serve you just as well as the original piece.

The models you will find on this site are completely free of charge. Even at that, as a user, you can always out of free will assist the designer of these models with a few bucks. This donation is completely out of a free will and not mandated, yet it is a good way to show that you appreciate their efforts.

Trust us, we have super-checked! Checking out the assortment of models on this site is surely worth the time. Grab a view of MyMiniFactory and its vast stock of 3D printables. With a captivating collection, outstanding ease of use, and free service, this source is certainly one to check out soon.

2.     Shapeways: Exceptional Quality For Paid 3D Printables


Shapeways is well-known in the 3D printing industry, being one of the world’s best 3D printing services.

For a sought-after name in the 3D printing industry and clearly one of the best 3D printing service providers all over the world, a lot is yet to be known about the services rendered by Shapeways.

Aside from delivering their remarkable 3D printing service channeled through their website, Shapeways likewise runs its personal marketplace. It’s basically a digital warehouse for 3D models from different designers. . Their site is practically a digital repository for 3D models gotten from various designers. The notion is to make provide easy access to finished 3D printable parts available for various 3D printing projects and seamless delivery to the doorstep of a buyer.

In case you go for a 3D printed car part hunt on the Shapeways marketplace, make sure to type the right keywords. There are lots of car parts available, but finding the right one requires clever searching. This means that to find the part you need, you’ll have to get the keywords right – this helps a lot.

When you are out there on their website scouting for a 3D printed car part, be sure that you put in just the right keywords. Failing to do this might make your search a lot more difficult as there are several car parts available on the Shapeways marketplace. So, to find just the perfect one for you, you must run your search smartly. Put in the appropriate keywords as that will help you immensely in the hint for that much-needed printable part.

What distinguishes Shapeways as a wonderful niche for 3D printable car parts is the reality that as a customer, you are not required to produce the parts yourself. Quality is never an issue here as Shapeways employ the services of SLS to 3D print your needed car parts, guaranteeing tough durability and quality.

The services rendered by Shapeways is not free. However, know that the prices are absolutely reasonable, particularly when you consider the quality you will be receiving from an end product of the SLS 3D printing process. Normally, pricing hinges on the type of model and you will always find the price in the model description.

If you’re lucky and find the part you need on Shapeways, we highly recommend their service.

For those that are fortunate enough to locate the part they need on Shapeways, we strongly advise that they utilize this service judiciously.


2.    Thingiverse: Put In The Right Keywords and they handle the rest



 Virtually every individual that is either into 3D printing or knows about this technology has encountered Thingiverse one way or the other. We even thought it would be cliché to add it to the list of our top sources. Yet, as we kept digging for another reliable and credible source that is not as well-known as this to fill in as a substitute, we discovered the inevitability of including this amazing hub for 3models car parts models.

As anyone would have predicted, there are an overwhelming wealth of car-themed 3D model options for you to select from on this site. And even with this rich assemblage of car parts, you can still find your way around very easily. By simply inputting the right keywords, locating the parts you need has never been easier

Here, 3D printable car parts models are free of charge but you can still make donations to a designer when you love their model as a way of supporting them and commending their inputs. Dive in!