3D wood filaments are one of the best filaments you can ever use to 3D print, especially if you want your 3D print to have that flexible, soft to touch wooden feel.



But to get the best results, you need to make use of quality 3D wood filaments that works.



So, how do you make the right pick of 3D wooden filaments considering the wide range of 3D wooden filaments available in the market?



Well,  you are about to find out! This review evaluates the 5 best 3D wooden filaments to buy (and why) with factors to consider when buying them.



Let’s dive right in!

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What are 3D wooden filaments?

Many people often confuse 3D wooden filaments with being completely made from wood. But the reality is this: Wood filaments are not entirely made from wood.

Due to the fact that filaments need to melt inside the 3D printer to print, there is a need for the filament to contain enough plastic material to enhance the melting process.

This is why wood filament manufacturers tend to mix wood with enough substances like PLA to enable the filament to melt efficiently and with enough wood properties to ensure the end result looks and feels like wood.

The mixture is usually about 70% PLA and 30% to 40% wood.

Common Things The 3d Wood Filaments Are Used For

3D wood filaments can be used to print many things. They include:

  • Household Decorations

  • Toys

  • Cosplay props and more

Why 3D Wood Filaments?

When you use 3D wood filaments for your 3D prints, there are certain benefits you will enjoy. They include:

  • Superb Aesthetics: Compared to plastic filaments, wood filament naturally provides great aesthetics without you working for it. Their finishing looks just exactly like wood, and they blend very well with that grainy look you want to achieve with your 3D prints.

  • Easy to use: no one likes a complicated and strenuous 3D printing process. Wood filaments are easy to use and provide a better user experience.

  • Pleasant Smell: As trivial as it may seem, the unpleasant smell that comes from some plastic filaments are a huge turn-off during printing. However, wood filaments exude a pleasant wood-like scent during printing, and the scent still lingers on the final results of your 3D prints.

  • Less Abrasive: Unlike other types of filaments, wood filaments are soft to feel, which makes them more appealing and better to make use of.

  • Biodegradable: wood filaments have been manufactured in such a way that they are environmentally friendly. They can be broken down and decomposed to assimilate into a natural environment.

Best Wood Filaments to Buy

When buying wood filaments, it is important that you go for the best quality and the one that is most appropriate for the job you want to get done.

However, choosing the most suitable 3D wood filaments for the job you want to get done can be challenging, which is why we have compiled a review of the top 5 best 3D wood filaments you can buy below.

Timberfill Wood Filament

Timberfill wood filament is a 100% biodegradable wood filament that is PLA based. This means that a larger percentage of its materials is from polymer.

The outcome of this PLA based wood filament is that it enhances melting during the printing process.

It also has enough wooden properties to ensure that the outcome of the print looks and feels originally like wood.

Features of Timberfill Wood Filament

Composition: 70% PLA and 30% wood.

Color options: Cinnamon, rosewood light wood tone, and Champagne.

Diameter: 1.75mm or 2.85mm

Spool size: 1kg, but the material itself weighs 750g

Printing Temperature: 170-180 C hot end and 50-60 C heated bed.

Why Timberfill Wood Filament?

Great surface finish: Timberfill produces top-notch wooden and aesthetically pleasing 3D prints through its excellent surface finish.

Genuine wooden look and feel: if you want a 3D print that looks and feels exactly like wood, then you should opt for Timberfill.

Timberfill wood filaments make each part of your 3D print look like they were fully carved from wood.

Different Color Options: You can select from the different colors available with Timberfill wooden filaments ranging from rosewood, light wood tone, Cinnamon, and Champagne.

Colorfabb 3D wood Filaments

Colorfabb wood filaments series is PLA based and is considered one of the most expensive and top quality wood filaments available.

Apart from PLA and wood fiber, Colorfabb wood filaments contain many other materials like steel, copper, bronze, and brass dust.

Features of Colorfabb wooden filaments

Below are Colorfabb wooden filaments features:

  • Composition: 70% PLA and 30% wood
  • Diameter: 1.75mm or 2.85mm
  • Spool size: 600 or 1800g of Woodhill and 600 or 2000g of corkfill.
  • Printing Temperature: 195-220 C hot end for wood fill, 210-230 C hot end for corkFill, and 50-60 C heated bed for both.

Why ColorFabb 3D wood filaments?

Colorfabb 3D wooden filaments offer unique benefits. Below are a few of the unique benefits it offers.

  • Options: ColorFabb 3D wooden filaments allows you to pick from a variety of options. You can either choose from Corkfil and Woodfill.

  • It is airtight in a double barrier foil, which protects the filaments from falling.

Easywood 3D wooden filaments

This is considering the best type of 3D wood filaments that works suitable for different wood types. The Eastwood 3D wood filaments are available in seven different colors. It is also seen as a wrap-free element.


Composition: 60% PLA and 40% wood

Wood variety: Cedar, Olive, willow, ebony, birch, and pine.

Diameter: 1.75mm or 2.85mm

Printing Temperature: 200-240 C hot end and 0.60 heated bed.

Why EasyWood 3D wood filaments?

There are many reasons to go for the Easywood 3D filament; they include:

Wide variety: With EasyWood 3D wood filament, you can have the luxury to select from the different wood types that are most suitable for you. The different wood types include Cedar, Olive, willow, ebony, birch, and pine.

Easy to print: As the name implies, EasyWood is easy to print because it is based on Easyfil PLA compound and 40% gravimetrical feeling.

Looks and feels like wood: Easywood’s final details come out to feel and look exactly like wood. It ensures that every part of your 3D print comes out perfectly done and carved out like wooden objects.

Filamentive: Biodegradable Wood Filament

The Filamentive company is known to produce 3D wood filaments that are environmentally friendly. They currently have two types of colors available for the biodegradable wood filaments, which you can select from.

Features of Biodegradable wood filament

Below are some of the features of the Filamentive biodegradable 3D filaments.

Composition: 60% PLA and 40% wood.

Color options: Light and dark

Diameter: 1.75mm or 2.85mm

Spool size: 750g

Printing Temperature: 200 -230 C hot end and 0 Correct 40-60 Cheated the bed.

Why Filamentive Biodegradable 3D wooden filaments?

The filamentive biodegradable 3D wooden filaments have many benefits it offers. Some of these benefits include:

They are environmentally friendly: Just like most wooden filaments, Filamentive biodegradable filaments are built to be beneficial to the environment.

They can be broken down to decompose naturally to the earth.

Color variety: There is no monotony with colors with the Filamentive biodegradable materials. You can always select the colors you love best to print.

Hatchbox 3D Wood Filaments

The Hatchbox company is a renowned filament company known for producing top-quality 3D wood filaments, among others.

The hatchbox 3D filaments are PLA Based and work best at giving your 3D project a detailed and quality print.

Features of Hatchbox Wood Filaments

The features of Hatchbox wood filaments include:

Composition: 60% PLA bed 40% wood

Color Options: Wood, Wood black, Wood brown.

Diameter: 1.75mm and 2.85mm

Spool Size: 1kg

Printing temperature: 180-220 C and 0-60 C heated bed.

Why Hatchbox 3D wood filament?

  • Affordable price: The hatchbox 3D filament is quite affordable for the quality it offers.

  • Does not require a bed for printing: You don’t have to necessarily use a print bed to print.

  • Offers detailed printing:  Hatchbox provides higher quality printing with fine details.

Things To Consider When Buying 3d Wood Filaments

It is not enough to know the top best 3D wood filaments available; it is also important to put some other factors into consideration so your purchase can be a success.

Below are a few things you should consider before buying 3D wood filaments.

Price: Purchasing a 3D wood filament shouldn’t mean breaking your bank. Consider your budget and the price of the 3D wood printer and make the best choice.

Quality: Quality filaments are the bedrock for successful 3D printing. If the filament is of low quality, it’s possible to experience complications during the printing process and also a poor print result.

It is therefore important to look out for quality 3D wood filaments like the ones listed above to get the best results.

Larger Nozzle sizes: Due to the materials used to produce 3D wood filaments, there is a high chance that the particles would get stuck in the nozzle if the nozzle isn’t large enough.

This is why it is recommended that you purchase a 0.5mm or a larger nozzle size so the filaments can easily flow through the nozzle.