Why 3D Printing?

The impact of 3D printing or additive manufacturing in different spheres of life has been quite incredible and tremendous.

The area of our lives occupied by our loved ones is a special spot where 3D printing or do some good magic.

When you think of your loved ones regardless of their age differences, there is always a way for 3D printing technology to cause a positive impact.

By just combining the best fits as regards materials and models in a standard 3D printer, you can produce the best customized 3D printed gifts for your beloved grandma.

The fact rains that, the best gift you can give to your grandparents, especially your grandma would be the time you spend with her.

However, a magical and loving atmosphere courtesy of personalized 3D printed gifts that constantly reminds her of you is very possible.

What if you do not have the mastery of designing a nice 3D model for these gifts?

You do not have to worry as we will likewise furnish you with sources where you can get a ready-made model to print.

There are a ton of 3D design models spread out on the internet and various online storehouses.

After all, the sole aim of 3D printing is to be easily accessible to everyone regardless of where they are.

Thankfully, the growth that has been experienced by this additive manufacturing technology has been immensely helpful.

Now, even the layman has been provided with a choice to select the element that he/she would love to give birth to as the end product. Y

ou can simply decide what kind of finish you want for your 3D printed product and go about getting it quite easily.

Regardless of how high or low your budget for the 3D printing project is, and/or whether you are an expert in designing 3D printable models or not, you are covered.

You can rest assured that you will still get 3D printed gifts that fit into whichever section you want.

Whether you want a fashion-related gift item, retail, luxury, personal care, home décor, electronics, or accessories, 3D printing has got you covered.

In this article, we will be looking into how well 3D printed gifts can bring up a smile on the face of your beloved grandmother.

To do this, we will take a look at several fascinating 3D printed gift ideas that will be perfect gifts for your grandma regardless of the celebration. 

Table of Contents

  • List Of 3D Printed Gift Ideas For Grandma

As it is in our usual practice, we have compiled a list of various 3D printed gift items that your grandma would surely love. You can select any of these gifts that you believe echo your intentions.

Let’s get right into it!

1.   Jewelery


Gifting your grandma a 3D printed jewelry or jewelry set is one of the most impressive ways to show how precious they are to you. Thanks to the progress in the technological world, creating 3D printed jewelry as a gift item is now possible. 

As long as you have a 3D resin printer in your home or wherever you want to produce it, you can produce your preferred style of jewelry all by yourself to gift her.

Due to the finishing process involved in the completion of any 3D project, there would be a difference in the end. The result will be different from the previewed design surely. However, resin-based 3D printers are the remedy to this glitch. 

They have the unique ability to produce the printed item with every detail of it referenced. It is for this reason that they are regarded as 3D printers specially created for the production of jewelry pieces.

Follow these links to access the nicest 3D printed jewelry, our recommended sites to get 3D printed jewelry, and the 3D printers that work best for 3D printed jewelry production

You should check them out if you are interested in getting your grandma a 3D printed jewelry.

We admit that it is the thought that truly matters. However, who wouldn’t appreciate a jewelry gift? Much more, the fact that this is 3D printed jewelry makes it more special.

2.    Personalized 3D Mug


First off, get familiar with the most popular types of 3D printed mugs you can personalize.


If your grandma is a lover of a cup of coffee from time to time, a personalized mug for her espresso might be a perfect expression of your love for her.

You will not just be making her enjoy her cup of espresso better, you can similarly through their channel, make her remember your love for her. A thoughtful and heartwarming inscription or a picture of a memory you both shared on this cup will certainly be a no-brainer! First, it is special simply because it is 3D printed. Also, it is perfect as it has been personalized to pass that message of love to her.

So, you can easily 3D print a coffee mug for her with the wonderful designs we have provided via the links above. You will be echoing your love for her through that 3D printed coffee mug gift. Let your mug do the speaking for you even when you’re not there. Check out our various types of 3D printed mugs and the available designs so you can select the one that you feel she will appreciate the most.

3.    Customized Key Ring


This gift item passes off a similar message to that of the personalized mug we mentioned above. There is a space to input various kinds of memory-provoking items to remind your grandma how much of a jewel she is to you. You can decide to put in any of the following:

·        Her name only or her name beside yours

·        Different kinds of emojis that can warm up the heart

·        Personal pictures

·        Pictures of memories you have shared

·        A slideshow of pictures

All of these and many more can be put into this keyring as customization. These are all in a bid to remind your grandma from time to time that she has a special place in your heart. You might want to add a note urging her never to leave the key anywhere. Thanks to the ring, she can have it on her always.

Gift your grandma these customized 3D printed keys with either their name in there, any emoji that well fits their personality or a photograph that echoes shared memories. As we explained earlier, it will be difficult for them to leave the keys behind wherever they go, thanks to the ring part.

We recommend that you get this 3D printed gift for your grandma from this website.

4.    Custom-made XYZ Fashion Purse

It is exciting to discover how commercial anyone can get with their skill in designing and producing items using additive manufacturing technologies. Italy based brand XYZBAG is one of the brands that have hopped on the fast-moving 3D printing train. 

They are a popular producer of custom-made 3D printed bags.

So, for every individual out there looking to put a smile on their grandmother’s face, this is an option to go for. If she is a fashion lover, she would surely love to have a collection of custom-made 3D printed purses. And that makes her a perfect fit for this 3D printed gift item.

Keep in mind that XYSBAG is your go-to brand for this particular gift item. The founders of XYZBAG must have noticed this space as they have utilized it to the optimum. 

This brand is well known for its expertise in creating 3D printed custom made purses to the delight of women. XYZBAG produces affordable purses and gets them down to your doorstep as soon as you can imagine. This is an ideal gift item for fashion-loving grandmothers.

Want to get one? Check them out here.

5.    Wristwatch