Answering “The Big Question”

So, let us go back to the roots, from where it all started. This question will pass easily as a major part of human existence and relationships. And it doesn’t help matter that we cannot find an answer to it, for this long. The question is what exactly do women want?

In all sincerity, we also do not have any idea or hint, as to what could be the answer to that age-long question. However, what we are certain about are the best ways to put a smile on that woman’s face effortlessly.


We strongly recommend that you start by presenting a gift that will fill up that vacuum she never knew existed. Nothing beats giving your girlfriend a gift she never knew she needed. It’s a no-brainer and believe us when we tell you that it will always work perfectly.

Therefore, the complicated part then surfaces. How do you pick out that gift she has not known she wants? This is why we have developed, out of well-done research, items that will be best for your girlfriend and items that can be 3D printed.

We have done this by separating women out there into different categories based on their peculiar personalities. This should come in handy in calming the storm caused by “The Big Question ”. Pick out major attributes about her to judge her personality and you are 80% through to satisfying her with the perfect gifts thanks to thanks guide. Dive in!

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3D Printing And Giving Gifts To Your Girlfriend

Just by making use of the right 3D design models and 3D printing materials, as well as by making use of 3D printing technology, you can develop customized 3D printed gifts that will perfectly suit your girlfriend’s personality and may just have been that thing she has been looking for, for a long time.

In this text, we will be looking into a number of very outstanding gift ideas that will be perfect for your girlfriend of any personality type. Again, know that, if you do not have the necessary capabilities to properly design a 3D model, you can still print an already designed one.

There are a lot of 3D designs scattered all around on the internet and on different websites. You can pick your choice from any of them out there for free. You can then go ahead to print the downloaded design models to give as gifts to that woman of your dreams. This is one of the numerous sites out there with a rich collection of 3D design models you can choose from for free.

This 3D printing technology or if you like, additive manufacturing has well matured and expanded to provide you with sufficient choices to pick from as to what kind of materials you would love to see at the end of your 3D printing process. All that at your fingertip, thanks to 3D printing technology.

Eventually, whether you have a low or a high budget, whether you have the mastery to create a design model or not, you are still assured to get 3D printed gifts your choosing, in various categories. These categories include fashion, retail, accessories, electronics, luxury, home décor, toys, beauty products, personal care, and whatnot. Follow through as we head right into it!

Best 3D Print Ideas For Girlfriend Based On Their Personality Types

1. If She Is A Boutique Enthusiast

If your girlfriend is a fan of stunning boutique items whether as décor, arts, traveling piece, or style, there is a perfect gift for her. Thanks to the amazing impacts of 3D printing, you have the chance to get her an outstanding, and personalized item as a gift, even at a very affordable cost. You do not have to worry over what gift would be best when you can just make a pick for the 3D printed gift ideas we have listed below.

 I. 3D-Printed Bag By Designer Janne Kyttanen

If your girlfriend is one with a big sense of style and a lover of chic-looking fashion items, then this 3D printed bag will be an awesome gift to give her. You can be sure she will be dazzled.

 II. HB Pencil Glasses by Sneaking Duck

This 3D printed gift is one of the smoothest ways you can help your girlfriend match up her outfit with her glasses, without leaving out her mood as well. With this pencil glasses, she can remain sleek every time you both step out. Is that not amazing?

2. If She Loves To Hit The Road Or The Gym

If she is the kind to decide to hit the gym hard for a full two-hours gym session or she fancies a weekend road trip on a bike ahead of binge-watching numerous TV series, then you can safely say that she is the kind of woman who loves to hit the road! It is completely normal and even a splendid situation when she leads an exceptionally athletic life, as this makes her the right candidate for the 3D printed gadgets we’ve chosen in this section. Be sure she could never turn down any of these gifts.

I. Michiel Cornelissen’s Pod à Porter 3D Neckband for iPod shuffle

Rid your woman of that needless and worrisome wire struggle by getting her this gift that will surely thrill her and help her a lot.

 II. 3D Skateboard Deck by Sam Abbott.

If she is a good skater, this gift will be a special one to her.

3. If She’s The Ideal Housewife

She is a genius in the kitchen as regards her culinary skills, she does multitasking perfectly and effortlessly like it is a norm, and she has groomed the garden perfectly without a fault, then, the fact is that you have just the ideal housewife as your girlfriend. What then will be perfect for this queen that has been giving you this exquisite royal treatment? Stay calm, we got you on this one!

I. 3D Printed Version Of All Kinds And Sizes Of Cookie Cutters

By getting her these items, you are certainly in for a weekend filled with the greatest dessert tastes

II. 3D Printed Sea Round HobNail by Inceptance

You also know that when it concerns how things her around the house, she likes it only when every arrangement is perfect. Why then wouldn’t you employ that old trick of paying attention to details and get her this as a gift?

4. If She Is All About Business

If you have discovered that she discreetly scan through her emails even during your moments together but she feels you’re not noticing, or you find out how she keeps track of time always and she never goes out of the house without taking her laptop or her iPad, then you have a business-minded girlfriend. She is focused on the career ahead of her and determined to be successful and make that money. This can be a difficult situation sometimes, even worse when you have to present her with a gift. You do not have to sweat it, you will crack her nut with any of the gifts below.

I. The First-Ever 3D-printed Fountain Pen By SOLide

This lovely fountain pen is an expensive and state-of-the-art gift that would be worth every penny spent when you present it to her.

II. Robbie the Robot Planter by XYZ Workshop.

Even as the serious woman that she is, this little yet outstanding piece will surely get a Yes from her. You can even go ahead to customize it before presenting it to her. Presenting this to your business-minded girlfriend will not only wow her, but will similarly keep you in her mind whenever she uses this gift. You have got to try it out today.

5. If Your Girlfriend Fancies The Geeky Life

For the fact that present trends are now tilting towards geeks. They are the new big thing out there and getting to know that your girlfriend leads a geeky life could be welcomed by mixed feelings. First off, how do you know if she is a lover of the geeky life?

  • She’s perhaps always abreast of the new newest introductions into the techie umbworld.
  • She takes lifelong learning the be a non-negotiable part of her life,
  • You discover that she occasionally drops a spontaneous science fact from time to time
  • And, she clearly makes being a ‘geek’ a sexy thing.

If she’s any of these, then the following gifts will be perfect for her.

3D Printed Caffeine Molecule Espresso Cup by Joa Baldwin.

Thanks to this amazing 3D printed gift item, you can never have too much espresso. Plus, gifting your girlfriend a set of these exceptionally geeky coffee cups will go on to confirm to her how well you know her and respect her peculiarities. This gift is always going to get a Wow!


With the involvement of 3D printing in your love life, a lot is about to change for the best. Try out any of these wonderful 3D printed gift ideas for your girlfriend based on her personality and preferences, and you would discover how well you have added the much-needed spice to your relationship.